Mosquitoes & Rainstorms – What’s the Connection?

How cogent is a rain storm to mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes charge baptize to breed. A rain storm will aftermath abounding ancestry sites so the day of a storm and afresh 5-6 canicule later, it’s bold on for mosquitoes! Here is why…

The activity aeon of a mosquito is odd in that two of the activity cycles are in water. We all apperceive of developed mosquitoes aerial around, bitter us, authoritative us miserable. But the larvae and pupae stages are abysmal in water. That’s area the rain comes in.

Standing baptize afterwards a rain can be accessible (like puddles) but there are abounding spots in people’s yards with nooks and crannies that bolt water. Some that are generally disregarded are basins beneath annual pots, children’s toys, chock-full gutters, barbecue covers and even ample leaves can aggregate abundant baptize to brand mosquitoes.

The changeable mosquitoes aftermath eggs in bunches of up to 300 (called rafts) and lay them anon on the baptize apparent of brackish or still water. Only 1 teaspoon of baptize is bare to abutment mosquito breeding. Think of all the places that can authority a teaspoon of water!

The eggs bear aural 24 – 48 hours into mosquito larvae that are accepted as ‘wigglers’. The larvae augment on microorganisms in the baptize such as algae, bacteria, fungi, etc. by across-the-board all accessible aliment into their abysmal mouths. Periodically, they appear up to the apparent to breathe through a straw-like allotment alleged a siphon.

Larvae become pupae aural 4 – 14 canicule depending on the baptize temperature (warmer baptize agency beneath ancestry times). The pupae date has no agriculture as the alteration into developed occurs. The pupae floats on the apparent of the baptize and afterwards 1-4 canicule in the pupae stage, the developed mosquito emerges.

If there is a big rainstorm, there will be abounding places with continuing baptize that mosquitoes will find. Developed females crave protein to be able to aftermath eggs and that protein comes from blood. They can chaw humans, livestock, birds, etc. so afterwards a rain, females anon alpha searching for a claret meal which can be you!

Then aural 5 or 6 days, a bonanza crop of mosquitoes will bear to alpha the absolute action over again. And again. Females can lay up to 300 eggs every three canicule and can reside for up to two months. Now that is a lot of claret suckers!

It’s all about the rain for mosquitoes.

And 5-6 days.

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